Are You Ready For 2020?

Help me campaign today for a better tomorrow for ALL students, teachers, and families!



"Serving The Community"

Your school board candidate has been a part of our community for many years, working tirelessly to make it a better place by empowering our students to become our safer, stronger, and brighter tomorrow.


"Why Is Matthew Running?"

Your school board candidate is running because he truly understands the quality of education our students are receiving TODAY, not decades ago. Matthew is running for the Sunnyside school board because he wants our young folks to finally have a seat at the table. If our school board is making decisions that directly affect not only the staff, but also the students, then why should they be left out? On the Sunnyside school board, Matthew will fight for our teachers by honoring the commitments made as a result of RedforEd. He will fight to provide protections for our DACA students. He wants to restore the confidence of our community in our schools, and also wants to provide the best support system for our 200+ students in the foster care system. These are only a few examples of where Matthew’s heart and soul belong. The 2020 election is rapidly approaching and he is committed to hearing what every single community member has to say.


"Get Involved"

I can't win this race without the support of my community! Come knock on some doors with me every Monday and Thursday evenings! I am dedicated to leading Sunnyside into a much brighter future for all of us, and that starts by connecting with our neighbors!

Please contact me at my email: if you would like to volunteer.

Thank You For Your Contribution!

With your support, we can ensure a brighter Sunnyside for ALL students, educators, staff, and families! Anything helps, whether it’s a $10.00 contribution or an hour of volunteering. Gracias por todo el apoyo! Thank you for your support!