Proudly endorsed by:

Lane Santa Cruz


“As our new Tucson city council person, I feel very invested in our Sunnyside schools, and ensuring that we have the right representation that understands what it’s like to be a student today. 

From the moment that I met Matt, I knew he had a passion, a passion for ensuring that young people had a voice. We need more young people paving the way and addressing the issues that impact them. As a product of our Sunnyside schools myself, that‘s what I look forward to in supporting Matt and what he will bring to the table.”

-Lane Santa Cruz

Tucson City Council

 Ward 1

Demion Clinco


“I support Matthew because of his determination to push for an increase in dual-enrollment between Sunnyside schools and Pima Community College. The engagement of high school students in dual-enrollment courses is a critical part of their personal and academic development during high school and post-secondary education. I really look forward to seeing what he brings to the Sunnyside School Board and for our students.”

-Demion Clinco

Chairman of the 

Pima Community College

Governing Board

Adelita Grijalva


"The voice of a recent student is vital to Sunnyside's growth. I support Matthew because I believe that he will prove to be a proactive and strong asset on the Sunnyside School Board."

-Adelita Grijalva

President of the TUSD Governing Board

Dr. Matt Heinz


“Tucsonans have an amazing opportunity to make history by not only electing the youngest school board member in Tucson, but also a recent Sunnyside student. I support Matthew because he has proved that his heart is in this, he’s ready to advocate, and he’s determined to lead. The perspective of a former student is exactly what our schools need. It only makes sense.”

-Dr. Matt Heinz

Physician and former Arizona State Representative for LD 29